Samstag, 14. März 2009

walking through my ffffound I ffffound this truly original drawing that made me wondering.. she drew it this year. Didn’t I draw something like that too.. but last year..? And where's the tiny hint that the inspiration or whatever was another drawing..? hm.

That’s her’s:

and she sais:

It's actually a love/hate relationship. I wake up at 6AM everyday, and get home during rush hour, like a regular person. I sit on the subway with my giant headphones, I ignore the people handing out flyers on 7th avenue, I go to thirty-three hours of class a week and listen to the professors ramble about anything possible. I read books during the especially boring classes. I doodle in a sketchbook during the others, to make myself look productive.

Productivity is a strange thing. It hits me at the most odd times.
This is a result of such an hour

And that’s mine.

Laura Serra

I’m pleased that I can be an inspiration for some.. but they could add a tiny link to the original one.

Like I do too.

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